Sabina Hiatullah Doubles Thru Dan Murariu

Nov 5, 2014

Sabina Hiatuloah
Sabina Hiatullah (pictured) raises from the cutoff to 2,200, Dan Murariu reraises from the button to 5,200, and Hiatullah four-bets it to 13,000. Murariu calls.

The flop comes [9s8d4s], Hiatullah bets 11,200, and Murariu calls.

The turn card is the [2d], Hiatullah checks, Murariu bets 38,000, and Hiatullah thinks for a bit before she calls all in for 34,400 with [10d10s] for an overpair. But Murariu turns over [AcAs] for a higher overpair, and Hiatullah needs a ten on the river to stay alive.

The river card is — the [10c].

Hiatullah had already stood up, expecting to be eliminated, and when the river card hits, she lets out an audible gasp and says, "Wow!" Hiatullah wins the pot with a set of tens on the river to double up in chips.

Sabina Hiatullah  –  120,000  (120 bb)
Dan Murariu  –  60,000  (60 bb)

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