Sabina Hiatullah Eliminated in 17th by Mike Linster

Nov 6, 2014

Sabina Hiatullah
Sabina Hiatullah (pictured) raises all in preflop for 30,000 under the gun and Mike Linster reraises all in over the top of her UTG+1. Everyone else folds and the two players flip over their cards.

Linster: [AcQs]
Hiatullah: [AhJd]

Board: [Kc10d5h10c2d]

Linster wins the hand to grow his stack to 108,000 and Sabina is eliminated in 17th place. We are now on the money bubble and action has been paused for players to draw for new seats at the final two tables in the tournament. Play will end for Day 2 when one more player busts.

Mike Linster – 108,000 (45 bb)
Sabina Hiatullah – Eliminated in 17th Place

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