Sabina Hiatullah vs. William Hicks

Nov 4, 2014

Sabina Hiatullah opens to 500 in middle position, William Hicks three-bets to 1,300 from late position, Hiatullah four-bets to about 3,000 and Hicks calls to see a flop of [8c4c3s].

Hiatullah checks to Hicks who bets 3,500, but Hiatullah check-raises to 9,000. A call from Hicks lands the [6c] turn which both opt to check. The [3d] river completes the board and Hiatullah bets 12,000. Hicks calls.

Hiatullah tables [AcAd], besting Hicks’ [KcKh] to win the pot.

Sabina Hiatullah – 75,000 (375 bb)
William Hicks – 7,000 (35 bb)

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