Sabina Hiatuloah Wins a Big Early Pot

Nov 4, 2014

The cutoff raises to 250 preflop and the Jonathan Broderick reraises to 1,100 on the button. Sabina Hiatuloah calls on the big blind but the original raiser folds. The flop is dealt [10h6h2d] and Sabina bets 1,500. Broderick calls and the turn falls [Qh].

Broderick bets 500 and Sabina check-raises to 4,000. Broderick calls and the river is dealt [9h]. Sabina puts out a bet of 6,050 and Broderick tanks for a bit before calling. Broderick holds [Kh10c] for a flush but Sabina does him one better with the [AhKs] in the hole. Sabina stacks up 36,000 after the hand.

Sabina Hiatuloah – 36,000 (360 bb)

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