Salter Fires Three and Loses

Sep 5, 2014

Jack Salter opens the action with a 1,150 bet from midfield and he gets one caller from the button. The flop is [4c] [2d] [2s] and Salter c-bets for 1,100 – the button calls. The dealer pulls the [Kc] out of the deck on the turn. Salter fires a second barrel, worth 3,275, and the button eats it up.

The final card is the [7s] and Salter pushes a bunch of blue 5k chips into the middle to put his opponent all-in, and he calls in a heartbeat. Salter shows [Ks] [6s] for two pair, but the button shows [Kd] [Qc] for a two pair with a better kicker. The river bet turned out to be 13,300 and Salter now has 36,000.

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