Sam Taylor Triples Up; Chipleader Mike Shariati Wins Side Pot

Mar 1, 2016

Sam Taylor

Reigning WPT Legends of Poker champion Mike Shariati raises under the gun to 40,000, Sam Taylor (pictured) moves all in from middle position for 53,000, and Young Eum reraises from the big blind to 110,000.

Shariati calls, and there is now a side pot worth 114,000. Any further betting will go into the side pot between Eum and Shariati.

The flop comes Spade KClub QSpade 4, Eum bets 100,000, and Shariati calls. The turn is the Spade 7, and both players check. The river is the Diamond 3, and they check again.

Eum shows Diamond 9Club 9, but Shariati turns over Heart KHeart J to win the side pot with a pair of kings.

Taylor turns over Spade QHeart Q to win the main pot with a flopped set of queens to triple up in chips.

Sam Taylor  –  173,000  (17 bb)
Mike Shariati  –  1,540,000  (154 bb)
Young Eum  –  515,000  (52 bb)

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