Sam Trickett and His Blue SuedeÂ…Slippers?

Sep 5, 2014

During the break I was having a little chow down with Dominik Nitsche, who explained how great life was sitting to the right of an old Lebanese guy who was extremely active.

The Lebanese guy has gone.

Sam Trickett has taken his place.

Trickett opens to 1,000, in the cutoff, and the button makes it 2,550 – Trickett calls. The flop is [Ac] [5h] [4s] and Trickett check-calls a 2,550 bet from the button. That’s the end of the action as both the [Tc] and [Th] are checked through, and Trickett – who is wearing a snazzy pair of blue slippers – takes the pot down with pocket jacks.

Trickett ~ 42,000

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