Sam Trickett Busts in the Final Hand

Sep 6, 2014

Sam Trickett Andrey Pateychuk opens to 1,600 in early position, Ivan Sheptyskiy calls on the button and Sam Trickett defends the big blind.

Flop: [6s] [4d] [2c]

Trickett leads for 2,800, Pateychuk folds, but Sheptyskiy makes the call.

Turn: [Th]

Both players check.

River: [5s]

Trickett moves all-in. It’s for around 12,000 and Sheptyskiy makes the call. Trickett shows [Jh] [5h] for the pair, and Sheptyskiy shows [8h] [7d] for the straight.

Trickett is out. Sheptyskiy is one of the chip leaders with 144,100.

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