Sam Trickett Eliminated in 6th Place ($15,843)

Jul 30, 2020

It is fast becoming the Timo Kamphues show. With a monstrous chip lead, he has started to set his opponents all in preflop, applying maximum ICM pressure.

This time he does it on the cutoff and it’s roughly a 20 big blind call for any of the three players to act after him. Two players fold but Sam Trickett finds Heart AClub 10 in the hole and he calls his 6 million chips all in.

He’s ahead, against Diamond KClub 4 but Timo flops massive, with two pair on the Heart 4Spade KDiamond 8 flop. It’s all over on the Heart 9 turn and the Diamond 7 river is irrelevant.

Timo Kamphues – 28 million
Sam Trickett – Eliminated

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