Sam Trickett Out in 31st Place ($9,500)

Sep 8, 2014

Sam Trickett In an earlier hand we saw Sam Trickett losing two thirds of his stack against Yuri Salikaev. We only caught the tail end of the action, but the board was showing [8c] [3s] [2d] [9c] [Kh] and Trickett had bet 80,000. Salikaev moved all-in, for around 50,000 more, and Trickett said, I don’t even know what I’m doing,” before mucking his hand.

That left him with 132,000, and they went into the middle over a Alexander Lakhov raise. The Russian made the call and we had a showdown.


Trickett: [Kd] [Qs]
Lakhov: [Ad] [Jd]

Board: [As] [Td] [7c] [3s] [5s]

No luck for Trickett and he becomes our 31st place finisher.

Lakhov ~ 330,000 

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