Sauo Romero Takes One Out

Jan 10, 2020

Sauo Romero

Ajay Chabra raises to open the action preflop from middle position, the hijack calls, and Sauo Romero (pictured) reraises to 6,400 on the button. Chabra calls, the hijack reraises all in for 16,400, and Romero calls to cover him. Chabra gets out of the way so the remaining two players reveal their cards.

Romero: Diamond AClub A
Hijack: Diamond 9Spade 9

Board: Heart JClub 6Heart 2Club 10Spade 5

Romero wins the pot to eliminate his opponent, and he stacks up 87,000 after collecting the pot.

Sauo Romero – 87,000 (174 bb)

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