Scott Clements Doubles Thru Shane Schleger

Feb 28, 2016

Scott Clements raises from the hijack and Shane Schleger three-bets to 10,000 on the button. Clements puts in a four-bet to around 25,000 and Schleger moves all in. Clements quickly calls and the cards are tabled.

Clements shows Diamond ADiamond K and has Schleger’s Spade ADiamond J dominated. The board runs out Club 10Spade 8Diamond 6Spade 5Spade 7 and Clement’s big slick holds up to double up through Schleger.

The dealer breaks down Clements’ stack and verifies that he is all in for 92,300.

Scott Clements – 188,800
Shane Schleger – 47,000

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