Sean Perry Eliminated in 46th Place by Stephen Song

Jul 5, 2021

Sean Perry

Stephen Song raises UTG+1, Sean Perry (pictured) moves all in from the cutoff for 240,000, and Song calls with Spade ADiamond A. Perry turns over Spade QHeart Q and says, “I’m only 20%. I was hoping for at least 40%.”

The flop comes Club JSpade 10Diamond 7, and Perry says, “Just give me an eight,” which would give him a gutshot straight draw.

The turn card is the Heart 8, and Perry says, “Thank you,” and picks up his things and leaves the table, keeping one eye out for the river card.

The river card is the Club A, and Song wins the pot with a set of aces to eliminate Perry in 46th place.

Stephen Song  –  2,230,000  (112 bb)
Sean Perry  –  Eliminated in 46th Place  ($19,920)

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