Season VII Legends Champ John "The Razor" Phan Eliminated

Aug 21, 2010

After a flop of [5c5d3d], John Phan checks the small blind, the big blind bets 1,500, and Phan moves all in. His opponent asks for a count, but then calls when he sees that Phan doesn’t have a lot of chips left. (Phan’s all in wasn’t counted, but it looked to be in the range of 5,000 or so.)

Phan shows [Kc3c] for two pair, fives and threes, but the big blind turns over [8c8d] for a higher two pair (eights and fives). Phan needs a king, a three, running clubs, or running fives to stay alive.

The turn card is the [10d], the river card is the [Ah], and the big blind wins the pot with his pocket eights. John Phan, who won this tournament two years ago in Season VII, is eliminated.

John "The Razor" Phan  –  Eliminated

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