Sebastiaan de Jonge Triples Up

Jan 10, 2020

Sebastiaan de Jonge is all in preflop with Spade ASpade 2 in the hole from late position, and Milos Skrbic (Diamond ADiamond 2) and Carter Huynh (Spade 6Club 6) both have him covered.

The final board read Spade 5Spade 4Diamond 3Spade QClub 10, and de Jonge triples up to 133,000 thanks to a flush on the turn. Huynh holds 18,200 after the hand, and Skrbic is down to just 1,000. Skrbic is eliminated a short time later.

Sebastiaan de Jonge – 133,000 (665 bb)
Carter Huynh – 18,200 (91 bb)

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