Set Good for Kristen Bicknell

Nov 27, 2021

Kristen Bicknell

We pick up the action on a board reading Heart QHeart 6Diamond 3 and Kristen Bicknell checks. Michael Forca bets 1,800, and Bicknell calls.

The dealer burns and turns the Diamond 5, and Bicknell leads for 6,500. Forca calls.

The river Club J completes the board and action checks through.

Bicknell tables Diamond 6Spade 6, and Forca says, “Is that a set? Surprised you didn’t bet?”

“I was hoping you were going to,” Bicknell replies while collecting the pot.

Bicknell: 83,500 (139 bbs)
Forca: 62,000 (103 bbs)

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