Set-Over-Set Win for James Morgan

Oct 30, 2019

James Morgan

Action folds to James Morgan (pictured) on the button, and he raises. WPT Champions Club member Shawn Buchanan three-bets to 2,500 from the big blind.

Morgan four-bets to 6,100 and Buchanan calls as the flop lands Heart 10Club JDiamond A.

Buchanan calls, and then both players check the Diamond Q on the turn. The river is the Diamond 5 and Buchanan bets 7,900.

Morgan thinks for close to a minute and then calls.

Buchanan tables his Club 10Spade 10 for a set, but it is Morgan’s Spade AHeart A that earn him the pot.

James Morgan – 48,700
Shawn Buchanan – 20,800

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