Setback for Jordan Cristos

Aug 24, 2014

Reigning Legends of Poker champ Jordan Cristos raises to 3,875 from the hijack and the player in the small blind reraises to 11,500. Cristos announces he is all-in, having his opponent well-covered.

The other player thinks for a minute before calling all-in for 36,675 total. He holds [7d7s] and is racing with Cristos’ [AhKc].

The sevens hold up after the [Jh8c8s] flop and the [5d] on the turn keeps things the same.  The river brings a [7c], giving the other player a full house and the pot.

The other player gives a small fist pump celebrating his double up, while Cristos drops back into five-figure territory.

Jordan Cristos – 78,000

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