Seven-Bet Shove From Dan Murariu vs. Julio Belluscio

Nov 5, 2014

Dan Murariu raises from the hijack to 3,600, Ziga Janwikar reraises from the cutoff to 9,000, and Julio Belluscio cold-four-bets from the big blind to 16,000.

Murariu reraises to 31,000, and Janwikar folds. Belluscio reraises to 52,000, and Murariu tanks for a while before he moves all in for 154,700.

Belluscio asks for an exact count and thinks for a bit before he folds. Murariu takes the pot.

Dan Murariu  –  216,000  (135 bb)
Julio Belluscio  –  225,000  (140 bb)

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