Shan Jing Wins the Drawing For the Monster Poker Survival Kit

Aug 24, 2014

Monster Headphones - Shan Jing
Monster Headphones is a primary sponsor of the World Poker Tour, and they’re giving away a Monster Poker Survival Kit each of the starting days here at the WPT Legends of Poker.

To be entered into the drawing, WPT players simply need to be wearing Monster Headphones while they play, and the Royal Flush Girls will periodically walk thru the field and give entry cards to players wearing Monster Headphones.

If a player doesn’t own a pair Monster Headphones, he or she can request a loaner pair from the Monster Bar to use during the tournament.

Today’s drawing was just held, and today’s winner is Shan Jing (pictured above). Jing won a pair of Monster DNA Pro Headphones, along with a Monster ChargeCard Turbo (a backup battery for cellphones) and a Monster SuperStar Wireless Speaker.

Congratulations Shan Jing!

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