Shannon Shorr Eliminated in 44th Place by Justin Liberto

Oct 21, 2022

Shannon ShorrPhoto:  Shannon Shorr

Albert Calderon raises to 30,000 from the button, Justin Liberto calls in the small blind, and Shannon Shorr calls in the big blind.

They check to the turn of a Spade 9Heart 6Spade 5Club 5 board where Liberto checks. Shorr bets 29,000, Calderon folds, Liberto raises to effectively 110,000-ish, and Shorr calls all in after a few moments.

Liberto:  Diamond AHeart A
Shorr:  Club JClub 9

Liberto leads with aces and fives and holds through the Heart Q river to eliminate Shorr.

Justin Liberto  –  580,000  (58 bb)
Shannon Shorr  –  Eliminated in 44th Place ($25,000)

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