Shannon Shorr Scoops and Stacks

Dec 2, 2023

The lojack open-jams for 45,000 and the player on the button jams over the top. Shannon Shorr is in the small blind and calls off his stack of 128,000, bringing about a three-way all-in scenario.

Lojack: Heart AHeart 3
Shorr: Diamond QSpade Q
Player on the Button: Spade ASpade J

The runout comes Club 7Club 5Spade 3Club 6Spade 6 — The shortest stack picks up bottom pair on the flop and a gutshot straight draw comes on the turn to bring a possible chop, only for Shorr’s queens to remain best and scoop both pots.

The elimination is one of a handful in the last 10 minutes. Eighty-seven players now remain.

Shannon Shorr – 311,000 (62 bb)

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