Shannon Shorr vs. Jonathan Abdellatif

Jan 16, 2019

Shannon Shorr

Jonathan Abdellatif raises to 45,000 preflop under the gun, and Shannon Shorr (pictured) calls on the cutoff. The flop is dealt Spade KSpade 6Heart 6, Shorr bets 45,000, and Abdellatif check-calls.

The turn falls Spade 3, and both players check to the Diamond 5 on the river. Shorr bets 140,000, and Abdellatif check-folds. Abdellatif is down to 1.17 million after the hand, and Shorr holds 1.33 million.

Shannon Shorr – 1,330,000 (66 bb)
Jonathan Abdellatif – 1,170,000 (58 bb)

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