Shaun Deeb Bluffs His Way to the Best Hand

Aug 31, 2019

Shaun Deeb

The player in the hijack raises to 2,000, J.J. Walsh calls from the cutoff, and Shaun Deeb (pictured) reraises from the small blind to 9,500. The hijack calls, and Walsh folds.

The flop comes Heart 6Spade 3Diamond 3, Deeb bets 6,000, his opponent raises to 14,400, and Deeb calls.

The turn card is the Heart 10, and both players check.

The river card is the Diamond Q, Deeb moves all in, and his opponent thinks for a while before he folds. Deeb says something like, “I can’t believe I got there” as he shows Club QClub 7, catching a queen on the river for two pair, queens and threes. Deeb takes the pot.

Shaun Deeb  –  141,400  (177 bb)

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