Shenton And Laurentiu

Nov 14, 2014

Some players might not be as well known before a tournament starts, but then are defined by the action that follows at the table. Jugravu Laurentiu and Aaron Shenton might be two of those players, with an amazing hand playing out just now. 

Jugravu makes an opening raise to 300 and gets four callers to a flop of [6hJhTd]. Jugravu c-bets to 1,000 and only Shenton makes the call. On the turn of [Th] Jugravu checks, and Shenton bets 2,200, Jugravu making the call.  The river is the [7h] and Jugravu shoves for 24,000. Incredibly, aa very quick call comes from Shenton and hands are shown: 

Jugravu Laurentiu: [6c6d] 
Aaron Shenton: [8h9h] 

It’s a straight flush over full house on the river, and a devastating hand to lose for Jugravu. Shenton, on the other hand, may be our chip leader on 63,000. Wow. 

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