Shooting Star Carlos Mortensen Doubles Thru Joey Weissman

Mar 7, 2017

Carlos Mortensen Carlos Mortensen
Shooting Star Carlos Mortensen (pictured) is in middle position and all-in for his last 10,600. He is up against Joey Weissman in the small blind.

The board reads Spade 10Spade 5Heart 2Heart K. Mortensen has Diamond KClub 10 for top two pair, but Weissman is out front with Diamond 2Spade 2 for bottom set.

The table lets out a collective gasp when the river brings the Diamond 10, improving both players to a full house, but giving him a bigger one to give him the pot and keep his tournament hopes alive.

Mortensen is the only one who does not act shocked. He tries to downplay what just happened.

“You’ve got to be lucky to win these things, right?”

Mortensen then turns his attention to Weissman. “I mean, you’re lucky I was short,” Mortensen tries to reason.

Carlos Mortensen – 23,000 (29 bb)
Joey Weissman – 57,000 (71 bb)


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