Shooting Star Cate Hall Quadruples Up

Mar 7, 2016

Cate Hall
Cate Hall moves all in from middle position for 5,100 and is called by Brian Green from middle position and Mike Sexton out of the small blind. The big blind moves all in for 15,000 and Green folds. Sexton spends a minute in the tank before calling as well.

Hall can quadruple up in the main pot, while Sexton and the big blind are eligible for a side pot as well. Hall shows Heart 7Spade 7 and is in trouble against the big blind’s Heart ADiamond A. Sexton shows Spade ASpade Q and needs a lot of help.

The flop is Diamond 10Club 10Diamond 7 and Hall flops a full house to take the lead for the main pot. The turn is the Club Q and Sexton picks up some equity and has outs heading to the river.

“I have more outs than he does,” joked Sexton about his equity in the main pot.

The river is the Club 7 and Hall improves to quads to win the main pot and quadruple up. The big blind wins the side pot against Sexton.

Cate Hall – 20,400
Mike Sexton – 39,000

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