Shooting Star Fedor Holz Eliminated by Hank Sitton

Mar 9, 2016

Fedor Holz

There is about 30,000 in the pot on the river with a completed board of Spade ASpade KDiamond 9Heart 6Club K. Shooting Star Fedor Holz (pictured) bets 27,500 from the small blind and Sitton moves all in for about 150,000, which effectively puts Holz all in for his remaining 100,000. Holz goes into the tank for several minutes.

“Do you have aces?” asked Holz.

Sitton doesn’t respond and the table is silent throughout Holz’s entire tank. Holz eventually calls with Club 6Spade 6, but is eliminated by Sitton’s Spade 9Heart 9. Holz is eliminated and Sitton picks up the $2,500 bounty for sending Holz home. He also becomes one of the bigger stacks in the tournament with the knockout.

Hank Sitton  –  270,000  (135 bb)
Fedor Holz  –  Eliminated

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