Shooting Star John Phan Stays Alive

Mar 9, 2010

John Phan gets the last of his short stack all-in preflop and gets four callers, including Steve "Chainsaw" Dempsey and Michael Binger, who only has 3,475 chips behind.

Everyone checks the board down as it runs out [5d5s3s5h3h], putting a full house on board.  No one has a pocket pair, so the pot is split up five ways and Phan lives to see another hand.

Just a few hands later, Phan calls a raise preflop in a multi-way pot, leaving just 2,075 behind.  The flop falls [QhJd4s]  and action checks to Phan, who moves all-in.  Dempsey calls and action folds to Adam "Roothlus" Levy, who moves all-in for 11,750 more.

Dempsey folds and Phan shows [KhJs] for a pair of jacks, while Levy tables [Ks10c] for the open-ended straight draw.  The turn brings the [6d] and the river [5c] and Phan more than triples up.  After the hand, Levy had this to say over Twitter:

@Roothlus: John Phan is an unbustable bounty. He’s been all in 3 times and faded them each time.

John Phan – 10,000
Adam "Roothlus" Levy – 11,750

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