Shooting Star Mike Sexton Doubles Thru Ravi Raghavan Again

Mar 9, 2017

Shooting Star Mike Sexton is in the small blind and WPT Champions Club member Ravi Raghavan is in the hijack when the two get it all-in preflop for Sexton’s 234,000-chip stack. Sexton is out front with Heart KClub K. Raghavan trails with Diamond ADiamond K.

Sexton’s hand holds up on the Club JClub 8Spade 8Diamond 8Diamond 6 board and he doubles up through Raghavan for the second time since the bubble burst and is now sitting on an above-average stack.

Mike Sexton – 490,000 (61 bb)
Ravi Raghavan – 160,000 (20 bb)

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