Shooting Star Neil Blumenfield Eliminated by Manig Loeser

Mar 7, 2016

Neil Blumenfield

With about 6,200 in the pot and the board reading Diamond ASpade 9Spade 8Diamond 10Diamond 8, Shooting Star Neil Blumenfield (pictured) bets from the big blind. Manig Loeser raises all in from the cutoff, covering Blumenfield’s remaining 20,000-ish. After a little while in the tank, Blumenfield calls all in.

Loeser tables Heart AClub 8 for eights full of aces, besting Blumenfield’s Diamond 9Diamond 7 for a flush to win the pot and collect the $2,500 bounty.

Manig Loeser – 50,000 (333 bb)
Neil Blumenfield – Eliminated

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