Short Stack Shane Warne Navigates the Blinds in the First Few Hands

Oct 6, 2019

In Hand #1, Australian cricket legend Shane Warne (who started the day as the short stack with 410,000) raises under the gun to 75,000, taking the blinds and antes.

Shane Warne  –  490,000  (17 bb)

In Hand #2, Shurane Vijayaram raises from the small blind to 100,000, and Warne calls from the big blind. The flop comes Heart KHeart QSpade 9, Vijayaram bets 100,000, and Warne folds. Warne loses the chips he just picked up in the first hand, plus a bit more.

Shane Warne  –  380,000  (13 bb)

In Hand #3, Luke Stewart raises from the hijack to 90,000, and everyone else folds. Warne loses his ante and his small blind.

Shane Warne  –  360,000  (12 bb)

In Hand #4, Shane Warne moves all in from the button for 355,000, taking the blinds and ante. After the first four hands, Warne has survived the blinds with a little bit more than he started with.

Shane Warne  –  440,000  (15 bb)

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