Short-Stacks Battle To The Break

Nov 14, 2014

Marcel Luske With blinds at 400/800, everyone with a stack uner 10,000 in chips is determined to get it into the middle to try and double-up before taking advantage of the extended 1 hour 20 minute break to go and have some food. 

Charlene Colman re-raise-shoved for exactly ten big blinds with [AsJd] and was effectively called by [6d6h] when Mark Hitchens raised to isolate and take out the original raiser Tom Middleton. Charlene was all over the board when it came [KcQcAhQd9h] for her to double.  

It hasn;t worked for everyone, though. Anthony nicholls shoved 8,100 with [Ks8s] and was called by David ‘Dixie Dean, who held [AhQd] which held to bust him. 

Elsewhere, Marcel Luske (pictured) is proving that experience counts for plenty, racking up 105,000 in an impressive last level.

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