Poker is all about tells, and quite a lot about what you show. At the highest level in the game, that might be the merest flicker of your cheek when you c-bet, but at the very basic level, there’s a popular belief in the game that showing your cards when you don’t need to is a bad idea.  So is it true? 

James Parker (pictured) and his neighbour Hamid Rowshanaei were both dealth [AsAc] in a couple of quiet orbits, and chose to show the table when they asked what they had.  Chip-leader Matthew Noonan has only shown a single card so far at the final table…the three of diamonds, when he flung it towards the dealer after raising and taking. 

Show and tell, or don’t show and keep reading them? 

It takes all sorts of styles to win a tournament like the WPT500! 

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