Shurane Vijayaram Eliminated in 14th Place by Shane Warne

Oct 6, 2019

Shurane Vijayaram
Photo:  Shurane Vijayaram

Joshua Bell raises to 75,000 from the hijack before Shurane Vijayaram moves all in for 440,000 from the cutoff. Shane Warne is on the button and immediately moves all in over the top for 870,000. The action folds back to Bell, who deliberates for a moment, before opting to fold.

Warne: Heart QClub Q
Vijayaram: Club KDiamond Q

No help comes for Vijayaram, as the board runs out Diamond 3Spade 9Club 2Club 4Diamond 9, resulting in his departure from the tournament in 14th place.

Shurane Vijayaram  –  Eliminated in 14th Place  (AUD $18,136 / ~US $12,280)

Photo:  Shurane Vijayaram (center left) and Shane Warne (center right) wait for the dealer to put out the flop.
Shurane Vijayaram Eliminated by Shane Warne

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