Siegel's Big Slick Sends Tryba To The Rail

Feb 27, 2016

Eric Siegel is coming off a deep WPT run from the Borgata’s Winter Poker Open Championship and he could be trending towards his first WPTDS score, after winning a massive pot with ace-king. That hand was picked up with Siegel opening to 5,500 from under the gun and after some folds, a player three-bet to 15,000.

Chris Tryba, who was the next player to act in late position, then put in a four-bet to 30,000. The blinds folded and Siegel, after some thought, announced himself “all-in”, having both players well covered. The initial three-bettor folded and Tryba snap called for just over 90,000, turning over Spade ADiamond A.

Siegel held Heart AHeart K and after the Club AClub QDiamond J flop, Siegel needed the case ten on the turn, as the three-bettor had announced he held “two tens” after he folded.

That case ten is exactly what came though, as the Heart 10 gave Siegel broadway and left Tryba drawing to full house outs on the river. Those outs didn’t come, as the Club 7 completed the board and the knockout for Siegel. Tryba, who took a few tough beats last night to fail to get to the “plastic”, will now have to decide weather he has another bullet in the chamber.

Siegel on the other hand doesn’t have to worry about leaving his seat any time soon, as he’s playing just shy of 250,000.

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