Simon Brooks Doubles as Shulman Lays Down Kings

Aug 25, 2014

Simon Brooks limps under the gun for 150, a middle-position player raises to 800, the button calls, and Allyn Shulman reraises to 2,500.

Brooks moves all in for 13,550, and the middle-position player moves all in over the top for about 55,000. The button folds, and Shulman tanks for a while before she folds, claiming [KcKs].

Brooks shows [AdQd], and the middle-position player turns over [AhKd]. Brooks needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes [10c6d5d9d4d], and both players make diamond flushes, but the king-high flush is no good against the ace-high flush of Brooks, who more than doubles his chip stack in the hand.

Simon Brooks  –  32,000  (213 bb)
Allyn Shulman  –  51,000  (340 bb)

After the hand, Shulman (a WSOP bracelet winner) explains that since she is currently among the chipleaders, she didn’t feel the need to risk her entire stack following that action against one of the few players in the tournament that could bust her.

If Shulman had called in that spot with her pocket kings, she would have finished third in the hand and been eliminated from the tournament.

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