So Happy Together

Jan 21, 2007

What I didn’t get to mention in the ‘Who’s Where’ section was the interesting pairings that emerged from those larger pairings. Here’s a look at a few that really stood out to me:

Justin Bonomo and Tom Franklin – Somewhere, 10,000 Internet trolls just feinted. Justin and Tom have been the eyes of the two most prominent Internet gossip hurricaines of the last twelve months, and now they’re sitting together. For those Internet types, this could be the poker equivalent to what was in the Pulp Fiction suitcase. I expect Lee Jones and Brandi Hawbaker to show up any minute.

JC Tran and Nam Le – These two both finished top five in the Player of the Year rankings for ’06, travel the road together and are more or less best friends. Now, they’re sitting two seats apart, with old master Dewey Tomko staring them down.

Gavin Smith and Huck Seed – Two of the greatest prop betters of all-time, Gavin and Huck are sitting together along with Kathy Liebert. I expect some great prop bets to come out of this.

John Phan, Victor Ramdin – John and Victor have become running buddies at major events, enjoying prop bets and booze and leaving all comers in their wake. They’re at the rediculously loaded table 59, but should keep things loose there as is their custom. Last time they sat together was at the Bike in september, where they shared an amazing eleven bottles of wine.

Brock Parker and Bill Jensen – Lesser-known than the above, these two have been best-friends for ten years. Now, these two WPT veterans are sitting together for the first time.

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