Sorel Mizzi Shows His Hand - For a Price

Jan 11, 2020

Hand information relayed to by Sorel Mizzi.

Byron Kaverman raises to 4,500 preflop under the gun, and five payers call. The flop is dealt Heart JDiamond 10Spade 8X Xrainbow, and Sorel Mizzi opens the action with a bet of 10,500. Kaverman check-calls, and every other player folds.

The turn brings the Club 7, Mizzi bets 31,000, and Kaverman check-calls. The river delivers the Club A, Mizzi bets 72,000, and Kaverman tanks for five minutes before another player calls the clock.

Kaverman asks, “Is this one you’ll show if you’re bluffing?” Mizzi stays stoic until Kaverman folds. Mizzi then says, “I’ll show you a bluff for $200, if I can’t show you a bluff I owe you $200.”

Kaverman responds that he will do it for $100, but when Mizzi goes to muck Kaverman goes for the offer of $200 before Mizzi folds. Mizzi then flips over Club QClub 10.

Sorel Mizzi – 260,000 (130 bb)

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