Champions Club member, Dmitry Gromov, doesn’t mess about when he is in a hand. He is one of the quickest at making decisions we have come across.??

Here is an example of that speed.??

Dimitrios Ballas opens to 65,000, from first position, and Dmitry Gromov calls in the seat next to him. The pair is left to share a flop of [Ad] [9c] [6s], Ballas bets 50,000, and Gromov raises to 150,000 quicker than you can say "3x". ??

Ballas continues to eyeball Gromov for a ridiculous amount of time, before folding, and Gromov kindly shows him [Ah] [Ks].??

Gromov ~ 1,800,000
Ballas ~ 550,000

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