Stacked Tables Throughout The Room (Part I)

Feb 26, 2016

Mike LinsterMike Linster

Throughout this Day 1A flight, we’re going to see plenty of big name players and players that are looking to build off past results from the last two weeks of this WPTDS Big Stax XV series. Midway through Level 5, a few pockets of the room are filled with players that are looking to do just that, creating some tough early Day 1A lineups.

Table 78 might be the toughest, as reigning WPT World Champion Asher Conniff is together with past Big Stax champions Ryan Pochedly and Chad Rosow. Throw in Matthew Zambanini, who final tabled the opening 300 event, DJ MacKinnon, who has already cashed in tournaments seven times in 2016, and Dawn Wilno, who has some past Big Stax results to draw from, and that might be as close to a murderer’s row line up as you could get early in a Big Stax starting flight.

When you head across the tournament area, another formidable group has come together at Table 56, with former WPT Champions Cup winner Mike Linster headlining that group. He has position on Steven Sarmiento, who has recorded multiple Big Stax Championship final table runs throughout the last few years and is one of the more consistent performers in Parx history. Joining that pairing are Carmine Tirone, Ben Christensen and Tony Cheng, who all made relatively deep runs in last week’s 500 event, with Christensen notching the best result with a 32nd place finish.

Throughout this opening session, we’ll continue to bring you updates from throughout this stacked and growing Day 1A field.

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