Stacked Tables Throughout The Room (Part IV)

Feb 27, 2016

Phil Hui

As this Day 1B flight begins to condense, as the pace of registration has slowed, we’re starting to see a few more big name players populate the same table. The back corner of the room is home to players that have made some deep runs over the last week of this Big Stax XV series, including Soheb Porbandarwala, who finished 25th in last week’s Big Stax 500.

Jeffrey Gurfinkel did a few table breaks better than Porbandarwala, as he notched a podium finish in that 500 event, finishing 3rd for a career best $58,000 score. That was a back to back Big Stax 500 final table for Gurfinkel and he’ll now try to make his first WPTDS score this weekend.

While those two players are looking for another Parx score, Steve “Dakota” Happas is looking for his first career Parx cash. That’s not to say that Happas isn’t one of the more experienced players in the region, as the Massachusetts native has just over $300,000 in career earnings with most of his damage being done at Foxwoods.

Table 47 is headlined by a player that does most of his damage in mixed game events, as Texas’ Phil Hui specializes in games that involve way more than two hole cards. His best tournament results have come in WSOP based events but his girlfriend, Loni Harwood knows a thing or two about championship wins at Parx. Harwood, who hails from New York, won last year’s Big Stax X 2500 Championship, adding to her lengthy tournament resume.

Hui, who is pictured above, will try to have that Parx run good rub off on him this weekend and Dhaval Joshi, who is to Hui’s immediate right, knows all about that. Joshi has notched three final table runs this series, putting himself in a great position on the WPTDS Player of the Series leaderboard.

A deep run in this WPTDS Big Stax XV 1500 could lock up that ‘POTS’ title but he first needs to get through a difficult Table 47 lineup and the next few levels of this Day 1B flight.

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