Stare-Down With Deadman and O'Dwyer

May 12, 2016

We’ve already seen an all-in and call on one of the tables here at WPT Amsterdam Day 2, and Simon Deadman and Steve o’Dwyer, table neighbours, were both involved.

Deadman min-raised to 2,000 from mid-position, which was re-raised by O’Dwyer in the next seat to 6,000. Another player in the hijack made it 13,500 to go, and then, when play was folded round to Deadman, he tanked for some time, staring at both O’Dwyer and his other opponent.

Eventually, Deadman raised all-in for 40,000, and while O’Dwyer folded, his other opponent called, showing Diamond ASpade A . Deadman smiled, and flipped over Club AHeart A and after a speedy deal, the board of Heart 4Spade KSpade 7Club 6Club 4 saw each man take half the money.

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