Stefan Schillhabel Folds Queens to Farid Jattin's Five-Bet Shove

Dec 7, 2017

Stefan Schillhabel

Kou Vang opens to 3,400 from under the gun before Giuseppe Pantaleo three-bets to 10,200 from two seats over.

With the action on Stefan Schillhabel (pictured) in the cutoff, he cold four-bets to 24,000 before the Farid Jattin five-bet shoves all in for 95,200.

Vang folds, as does Pantaleo, before Schillhabel goes into the tank for several minutes.

Eventually, Schillhabel opts to fold and shows his Heart QSpade Q face-up.

Farid Jattin – 138,000
Giuseppe Pantaleo – 170,000
Stefan Schillhabel – 73,000

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