Stephan Klam From Zero to Hero

Jan 13, 2020

Stephan Klam

Boris Smuskevicius opens to under the gun and Stephan Klam three-bets to 240,000 in middle position. Smuskevicius calls and they see a Heart KDiamond QHeart 4 flop.

Smuskevicius checks and Klam checks it back. On the Club 5 turn, Smuskevicius opts to lead for 280,000, leaving 610,000 behind. Klam calls.

The last card out is the Club 2 and Smuskevicius checks to Klam who takes his time before betting 360,000. Smuskevicius goes deep into the tank, until Luc Glodt calls clock. Before his time expires, Smuskevicius passes.

Stephan Klam – 2,500,000
Boris Smuskevicius – 610,000

After the hand had played out there is some table talk in which another player at their table recognises Klam from an earlier day. The two were on the same table at one point, when Klam was down to 500 chips. An incredible comeback from a chip and a chair.

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