Stephen Chidwick vs. Danny Qutami

May 21, 2018

From the cutoff, Stephen Chidwick raises to 6,500 only to have Danny Qutami three-bet the small blind to 22,000.

Chidwick calls, and when the dealer spreads the Diamond 6Club 2Diamond 7 flop, Qutami bets out 14,000 with Chidwick calling.

The turn lands the Diamond 2 and Qutami now checks over to Chidwick who bets 26,000. Qutami calls, and then checks the Club 10 on the river.

Chidwick bets out roughly 120,000 to effectively put Qutami all in. Qutami is forced to use a time extension button before eventually opting for a fold.

Stephen Chidwick – 470,000
Danny Qutami – 80,000

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