Steve Brecher Eliminated by Phil Laak

Feb 29, 2016

On a flop of Heart 6Diamond 5Heart 4, Phil Laak checks from the big blind and Steve Brecher bets 14,000 from the hijack. Laak check-raises all in and Steve Brecher calls off his stack, pushing about 80,000 into the middle.

As they turn over their cards, Brecher says, “I hope you have a draw.”

Laak tables Heart 10Heart 9, good for the flush draw that Brecher hoped for, but Brecher still needs to dodge a lot of cards with his Spade 2Club 2. The turn is the Club A, but the river is the Spade 10, giving Laak a pair of tens and the pot. Brecher hits the rail just a few spots shy of the money.

Phil Laak  –  310,000  (77 bb)
Steve Brecher  –  Eliminated

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