Steve Sung vs. Ray Qartomy

Jan 16, 2019

Steve Sung

Ray Qartomy raises to 50,000 preflop under the gun, and Steve Sung (pictured) reraises to 155,000 UTG+1. Qartomy calls before the flop is dealt Spade 9Spade 4Heart 4, and Sung bets 125,000.

Qartomy check-calls before the turn falls Heart 9. Sung bets 225,000, and Qartomy check-calls again before the river delivers the Club 9.

Both players check, Qartomy shows Diamond ADiamond 5, but Sung holds Spade QClub Q for a better full house than the one on the board. Sung stacks up 1.68 million, and Qartomy is down to 1,585,000.

Steve Sung – 1,680,000 (67 bb)
Rat Qartomy – 1,585,000 (63 bb)

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