Steve Watts Eliminated by Alexey Rybin

Sep 6, 2014

Steve Watts The reigning champion has just taken the scalp of the WPT National Marbella winner Steve Watts.

We didn’t see the flow of the action, but a clearly frustrated Watts told us that Rybin had opened for 1,200, Watts had three-bet to 4,400, and Rybin had called. The flop was [Qd] [5c] [3s] and the pair somehow conspired to get all the money in with Watts at risk of elimination.


Rybin: [6c] [4c]
Watts: [Ac] [Qc]

Watts was ahead with top pair and a back door flush draw, and Rybin was ahead with the draw.

Turn: [2c]

Watts can’t believe it, Rybin can, the [6h] on the river changes nothing, and Watts is out.

Rybin ~ 90,000

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