Stewart Newman Eliminated in 43rd Place by John Moore

Sep 23, 2015

Stewart Newman

John Moore raises to 25,000 from the hijack, Stewart Newman (pictured) three-bets to 67,000 from the button, Moore four-bets to effectively 410,000-ish and Newman calls all in.

Moore: Heart JDiamond J
Newman: Club 9Diamond 9

The flop is Diamond 10Spade 9Diamond 2, giving Newman the lead with a set of nines.

The turn is the Heart 8, giving Moore additional outs to catch up with a straight draw.

The river is the Club J, giving Moore a set of jacks to eliminate Newman in 43rd place.

John Moore – 1,120,000 (93 bb)
Stewart Newman – Eliminated in 43rd Place ($11,506)

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